DCS Aqualine Truck Wash

DCS Aqualine Truck Wash


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DCS Aqualine Truck Wash was specifically formulated to be pH neutral for use on aluminium and sensitive surfaces.

DCS Aqualine Truck Wash does not contain any residual salts or caustic making it non-flammable and very safe to use. The special blend of surfactants creates a product capable of lifting dirt, grease and oil off most surfaces.

DCS Aqualine Truck Wash diluted 100ml to 10L of water for most application.


Standard sizes: 5L and 20L. Other sizes are available upon request.


Convenient and ready to use, just spray on and wash off

Remove grease and oil from most surface

Can be used with a pressure washer

Dissolve heavy soiled areas

Will not harm paintwork


Caustic free and Bio Degradable

Good hard water tolerance


Ease of application

Easy spreading

Easy clean-up

Leaves a clean, film free surface

Minimal scale build up

Minimal environmental impact