DCS Aqualine HD Carpark Sealer

DCS Aqualine HD Carpark Sealer


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DCS Aqualine HD Carpark Sealer is a new generation single component water-based acrylic cross-linking emulsion designed to protect and enhance concrete surfaces whilst providing many advantages over conventional sealers. It can be used over sound solvent based acrylic coatings which until now had to be totally stripped from the surface prior to application of a water-based coating.

DCS Aqualine HD Carpark Sealer can also be used on residential driveways, patios, warehouses and light industrial buildings


Standard sizes: 5L and 20L. Other sizes are available upon request.


1 Litre will cover approximately 8-10m2 depending on application method.


Excellent for interior and exterior use

Water-based, easy to use


Quick drying and Non blushing

Fast water resistance – within 2 hours

Exceptional gloss finish

Enhances / darkens surface

Can be applied to damp surfaces

Hard wearing surface resistant to abrasions

Hot tyre resistance

Chemical resistance – Oil, greases, alkali

Resists discolouration from dirt and spills

UV resistance – non yellowing


Ease of application

Easy spreading

Easy clean-up