DCS Aqualine GP Degreaser

DCS Aqualine GP Degreaser


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DCS Aqualine GP Degreaser is a unique aqueous blend of surfactants to provide an all-purpose alkaline degreaser / cleaner to lift dirt, grease and stains from all types of hard surfaces. It is able to be used on plastics, metals, polish concrete, ceramic tiles, epoxy coatings tiles, vinyl and polished timber for use in automotive, industrial and workshop areas and safe to use diluted with floor scrubbing machines.

DCS Aqualine GP Degreaser is easy to use, non-flammable, non-caustic solution to remove grease and oils from engines, parts and equipment. Just spray on and hose off.

DCS Aqualine GP Degreaser diluted 5:1 will degrease machinery, floors and walls and used diluted up to 50:1 with water for cleaning floors and paintwork.


Standard sizes: 5L and 20L. Other sizes are available upon request.


Convenient and ready to use, just spray on and wash off

Remove grease and oil from most surface

Can be used with a pressure washer

Dissolve heavy soiled areas

Will not harm paintwork

Low odour – non-toxic fumes when used on hot engines

Caustic free and Bio Degradable

Good hard water tolerance

Caution – May dull aluminium surfaces if left in contact undiluted


Ease of application

Easy spreading

Easy clean-up

Leaves a clean, film free surface

Minimal scale build up

Minimal environmental impact