DCS Aqualine AntiVandal

DCS Aqualine AntiVandal


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DCS Aqualine AntiVandal is a water-based, fast curing sealant that provides premium quality protection for concrete, limestone, grout, bricks and pavers against unwanted graffiti.

DCS Aqualine AntiVandal has exceptional properties as a surface coating that provides an invisible barrier protecting surfaces against water and oil based contaminants along with mould and algae growth and due to the product having no odours, can be applied in or outdoors!

DCS Aqualine AntiVandal is ideal for making it easier to remove graffiti while assisting in the prevention of efflorescence and is resistant to water and oil based paints, moss, mould and alkali growth. The colour of the membrane is clear and will retain the natural colour of the surface finish (not to be used on painted surface).

DCS Aqualine AntiVandal is easy to maintain, time and labour saving, cost effective and safe. A high-pressure water spray will effectively remove the majority of the graffiti


Standard sizes: 5L and 20L. Other sizes are available upon request.


1 Litre will cover approximately 8-10m2 @ 2 coats depending on application method.


Water-based (non-flammable) and Environmentally Friendly

Non-toxic and Non-hazardous


Excellent water and stain resistant qualities

Allows for easier removal of graffiti

Retains a natural finish and reduces moss, mould and algae growth

Breathable – Allowing water vapours to escape

10 year service life

Non Film Forming – Will not flake or peel Features


Simple and easy to apply – no primer required

Ease of application

Easy spreading

Easy clean-up