DCS Aqualine 2 Pack

DCS Aqualine 2 Pack


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DCS Aqualine 2 Pack is a water-based, fast curing sealant that provides premium quality protection for concrete, bricks, pavers and slate. When cured, it forms a glossy, durable and chemically resistant surface ideal for use as a replacement for 2 Pack Urethanes and Epoxy coatings especially on concrete garage floors.

DCS Aqualine 2 Pack has exceptional properties as a surface coating that provides a high gloss finish for maximum stain and chemical resistance including salt, water and UV resistant whilst giving protection against efflorescence.


Standard sizes: 5L and 20L. Other sizes are available upon request.


1 Litre will cover approximately 8-10m2 depending on application method.


Water-based (non-flammable) and Environmentally Friendly

Maximum Stain and Chemical Resistance

Water and Salt Resistance

Protects against Efflorescence

Topical / Film Forming – High Gloss Finish

Excellent Clarity and UV Resistance

Excellent on concrete, brick and pavers and can also be used on slate

Non-toxic and Non-hazardous

4 hour curing time

High solid content (46%) for maximum floor protection


Ease of application

Easy spreading

Easy clean-up