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Dynamic Coating Solutions (DCS) work with various companies for coatings all types of surfaces. We have formed a partnership with a company who specialise in water-bashed coatings which are used in various industries such as Building and Construction, Mining, Commercial, Residential, Industrial etc. both in the public and private sector. Local government such as Councils continue to use products for graffiti removal as an example. Working with various companies who have a 35 year history of successful projects all throughout Australia have been paramount to our success.

Our products have been specifically developed to seal stone, tiles, concrete, carparks and other various items to protect it from different issues such as water, all types of stains, mould etc. We also have specialty paints for metal surfaces with various colours such as “safety yellow” that are used on safety hand rails in and around buildings. Other products such as Degreasers are also used for workshop floors, vehicle engines or just general household surfaces to maintain dirty unsightly surfaces.

DCS also work with Nano4Life Australia who specialise with all types of coatings that make surfaces easier to clean and last longer. Bathrooms and Kitchens are primary areas where surface protection help minimise soap scum, dirt and grim from building up. Products can be used in areas such as Homes & Buildings, Boats & Yachts, Cars & Bikes and Shoes & Textiles. Their slogan is “Helping Australians clean less, live more.”

We endeavour to work with new or existing clients to assist, help and support any particular issue that may arise. Our products are of premium quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe for the environment and safe to use. Not only that, it saves time, money and keeps maintenance very low as our products are long lasting and of the highest quality.

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